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Default Re: 8800GTS SuSE 10.2 severe stability issues

Originally Posted by bjorneven
Note that I couldn't get Xorg up with 32bits, it's running in 24bits. It should of course be able to run in 32bits..
I don't run SuSE anymore and I haven't upgraded to the 8800 series (yet) so I can't comment on your main stability problem, but I thought I'd mention that what is usually called 32 bit color is just 24 bit with an 8 bit buffer or alpha channel.
So, 24 bit is the same as what is often called 32.
Just run 24 and don't lose sleep over it.
2^24 = 16777216 so with 24 bits you could have a different color on every pixel on a 19 inch LCD and still have room to spare.
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