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Default Re: 1.0-9746, 1080i output and interlaced video

I'm having a similar problem. Here's my setup:

ASUS GeForce 6200TC PCI Express (up to 256 MB) with x86_64 9746 driver
Athlon64 3000+
FC6 x86_64
MythTV suite (latest FC6/ATRPMS/FreshRPMS packages)
Xine (latest packages)
Mplayer (latest packages)
1 gigabyte dual channel DDR400
40 main HD in ext3 fs
250 data HD (MythTV) in JFS fs

My initial setup seemed good for about a week until recently when some of my HD channels began stuttering even during commercials that were only in 480i/p. Some of the HD channels remained playable, but those channels were only broadcasting SD/ED (480i/p) at the time.

Originally, I noticed MythTV and MythVideo were playing PCM instead of Dolby, so I adjusted MythTV to output passthrough digital, thinking it may free up some processing power. But that only made it worse. My audio decoder began going through cycles of 'losing' the digital stream to 'regaining' it, which increased the stuttering. The audio decoder cannot be held liable, because it works fine with commercial dvd players and Xine dvd. Oddly, disabling XvMC eliminates the audio decoder signal loss problem. However, the processor I have is borderline HDTV capable and probably requires hardware acceleration for reliable playback. Playing HDTV with Dolby Digital and without XvMC leads to dropped frames. Playing HDTV with PCM and without XvMC leads to fewer dropped frames, but that's still not reliable enough.

Also of note, playback of previously recorded HD material "appears" smoother, but Dolby Digital with XvMC is still not an option. This appearance is not scientific, only observed with the naked eye.

It may be easy to blame my weak processor on my problems, but those problems should get better, not worse, when XvMC is enabled.

I believe there is a problem in the latest nVidia driver, particularly the XvMC implementation.
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