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Originally Posted by slaWter
Looks good man, temps and vcore are not bad at all compared to my E6600.
Thanks man, I ran orthos for 4 hours and the higest temp I got was 55. Im ok with that.

I ran sisoftsandra again with 4-4-4-12 and got this.

8 x 425 = 3.4
MEM = 7117
CPU = 31393
Super PI = 14s

Dr.Nick I will try 400x9 and see what I get.

I also have a hand held thermal meter and during orthos I put it up against both NB & SB HS and the top temp was 102F, I ordered 2 40mm blue led fans 5cfm each ill mount on both chipset HS's. The one thing I don't under is asus probe 2 has the cpu @ 34c idle but Core Temp beta has each core @ 23c each. I based my temps off asus probe 2 cause that was the higest temp so I went with that.
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