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Default Re: 1.0-9746, 1080i output and interlaced video

I'm currently using Ubuntu Edgy with nVidia drivers 9746. Processor is a 1.8GHz P4. 1 Gig RAM. I can play a 1080i video clip at full res without problems if I'm using XvMC in Mplayer.

To the original poster: could you post the console output of Mplayer when you try to play the video clip using XvMC and ffmpeg12mc? That may indicate whether the hardware acceleration is being initialized properly.

Additionally, something else to check is your /etc/X11/XvMCConfig file. Be sure that it points to

That file is a symbolic link which points to the specific NVIDIA module. Also check that the link is in the main /usr/lib directory and not in an NVIDIA-xxxx subdirectory.

My understandings concerning MythTV are that proper implementation of XvMC will not work until the next release due to a way the playback engine initializes the video texture.

Feel free to correct any errors here.
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