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Exclamation nvidia drivers make my laptop screen look like someone's thrown paint at it

I have installed the nvidia drivers for linux on a desktop computer countless times. This is my first experience with a mobile card and laptop, a GeForce Go5600. I have installed numerous driver versions in a number of ways, but no matter how I do it the result is the same: this. It doesn't show up very well in the picture, there's a bunch of red generally, but you get the idea.

It happens with different distributions/kernels and never gives any error message. If I start a display manager from the command line, the screen turns into that but the rest of the system (including X) is apparently still working; I can hear it beep when it's ready to log me in, I can type in my user name and password and hear the sound associated with my gnome splash, and I can get back to the first tty by hitting ctrl+alt+f1. I never get any error messages or anything else that might help me.

I've gone looking for help with this in several places now, please tell me someone out there has had a similar experience to mine!
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