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Default Forceware 100.59 broke my 6800 :(

Hey guys..

I recently got a copy of Vista (Legal) to play around with so can start helping my poor customers if they decide to go that path...

Anyways I setup a duel boot system with Winsows XP Pro 32bit on 1 HDD and Windpows Vista 32bit on another. All went well and been playing around with Vista. I decided to go this path so could still play World Of Warcraft on XP.

So when Nvidia released the 100.59 Beta drivers I tried it out to see what the perfomance impact Vista would have on my System and WoW.

All went well then all of a sudden the Game froze PC rebooted and all seemed fine, until I started WoW again. As soon as it gets to the loading screen it freezes up reboots. This is now happening in Vista and XP.

SO after reloading all system and Graphics Drivers and still doing the same I rebuild my PC only loading XP Pro but still it does the same. Rolled back with drivers from Nvidia site and from MSI no luck. So just to make shure I tested some other games (Doom3, HalfLife2 and some others) but still no luck. Just a freeze reboot and thats it

Anybode else have this Problem or have any ideas what the problem couls be?

My System
AMD Athlon 3200 Socket 754
2gid DDR 400
4 X 250Gig HDD
MSI a400 6800 (Nvidia 6800)
Windows XP Pro 32bit
Windows Vista 32bit
MSI k8 neo 2 mobo
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