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Default Gcc 3.2.1 and NVidia driver's problem!

Hello guys!

I have serious problems with gcc 3.2.1!

Here is the problem.

I got the New Nvidia drivers, Nvidia-4363. Things were running smoothly... until I've decided to upgrade from gcc-2.95 to gcc-3.2.3
Oh, I regret it SO much... I decided to re-compile the kernel with gcc-3.2.1... it compiled OK. But Nvidia's drivers... well... the drivers got COMPLETELY unstalble... it compiled, but it crashed even more than Win95.
The problem is that it shows NO message error... it just freezes. I had that problem with gcc-2.95 and from Nvidia-41xx to NVidia 4363 too. I've changed my compiler to gcc-3.2.1 But it didn't help. Problems also include some wrong colors being displayed. And Nvidia drivers crash whenever I attempt to move a window. My linux distro is Slackware 8.1 and my kernel is 2.4.20. Please, help me. I'm getting desperate.
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