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Angry Full lockup on A7N266-VM/AA with 9631

Hi all.

Don't think I can give much useful information about this crash as the machine locks cold and can't be SSH'd after crash. However, if there's any data I can get for you that would be useful, tell me.

I have an A7N266-VM/AA which is a Geforce2 chipset. Ubuntu Edgy system, fully updated.

Anyways, I've been running 8774 for ages. Tried the beta 9625 awhile ago, and got compiz to work a bit, but with terribly poor speed and serious instability, so I stuck with 8774. I've never seen accelerated openGL out of this card whatsoever under Linux, which is a shame.

Now that 9631 is out I thought I'd try it. Well on X server startup, it shows the green NVIDIA logo on a black screen, then displays only the little gray box where the login name would go and refuses to do anything else. No mouse movement, no network connection, nothing. Once some beeping came out of the PC speaker.

This is much like what 9625 did until I applied a patch somebody posted here. Perhaps 9631 needs the same patch for this card?

Looks like support is going to be discontinued for these cards from the look of it, shame that the last release is broken for my board.
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