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Default Misc. Problems with driver 9746 and 7.0 Current

Well on the whole the 9746 driver with the patch works very well. Here are some problems I am having that I'm trying to determine if it's just me

1) VLC locks computer. If I watch a movie file with VLC it totally locks my computer. If I'm running the nvidia driver with TwinView it locks within the first 1 of the movie. If I'm running with a single monitor, I can watch the movie as long as no other app is running. It doesn't do this with the nv driver.

2)In TwinView, I can not change virtual terminal. CTRL+ ALT will lock the PC.
It does work in single monitor mode.

3) In TwinView, random locks. I can't tie these to anything special. Sometime it happens while I'm working and sometimes it happens while I'm a sleep. Sometimes it can go for days without locking.

These things only happen with the nvidia driver, not with the nv driver.

My card is a XFX nvidia GeForce 7800GTX PCI-e. I'm just wondering if anyone else is seeing any of these things. I'm guessing that it's just me at this point.
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