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Originally posted by Thunderbird
I checked the article this time and they say this on the hardware specification page:

Video Card - Nvidia Geforce 4 MX-420
At the time that the HEPC was constructed, this was the most powerful "Low Profile" video card we could find. Since this box will also be used as a LAN box, we decided to use this card instead of the onboard video + VGA -> TV converter, as this card provides much more 3D power.
Yeah, that's right

Note the "instead of" part. They prefered the MX-420 alone "instead of" the onboard+vga->tv.

So, that screenshot of booting from TV is from a MX-420 TV-out card, and i thought this would apply to MX-400 also, as the README says it's for all cards (as for the drivers).

Does anybody out there have got this to work? This is the only card i have near me right now.

From the README.txt, that can be found here:

"If a TV is the only display device connected to your video card, it will
be used as the primary display when you boot your system (ie the console
will come up on the TV just as if it were a CRT)."

I need to know if:

1) anyone has got this working, ever, on MX-400, and
2) if 1 is true, anyone knows this is a "this brand" problem (i should return it and get another brand).

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