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Default Re: False and misleading prices on front page, please stop it.

Originally Posted by moriarty99
Nvnews's provider and host may care that the site they're hosting is commiting fraud and not attempting to fix it.
Sigh... If there would be any claim, it would be with price grabber, and not nVnews. It's not Mike's job to do Price Grabber's research for him. Which if one really wants to take a legal bent on things, would also bring up the issue of crimminal intent as well as motive, not to mention just who it is who is creating those price lists in the first place. Fact is, Mike doesn't have either, which itself would weaken a case who could be made, while bringing up the issue of who exactly one's complaint is against.

Now you can sit here and flame the site, or you can actually take the time to look at these lists more carefully and see who is providing them. Then a well worded "I noticed your ad on X site. Only problem is that the price lists are off whenver I get there" might get more attention.

Edit: I just read further into this thread, and the one you posted at Rage3d. A few things:

1. The prices were accurate after all. This is no better then the one tech support horror story where a person called up a floppy drive company and accused them of selling defective products and how he'd call the DA to the tech support representative. It turned out that he failed to pull down the write protect tab so the floppies could be written to. Of course when the support person pointed this out, no appology for going ape****, or threatening to send the legal begals after them

2. Your behaviour in all of this makes it appear [b]as if you had ulterior motives, and your real angst wasn't about price grabber; but that was just an excuse to try to start something else. Posts that moriarity has made on both sites leave this possibility very plausable. To that, 3 words; get a life. Life really is to short for this sorta thing...

3. When a thread is closed because of site policies, it can be rather bad form to try to drag the thing out in a continual creation of other threads, and PMing the mod to b**** about it. Neither site is under an obligation to entertain this.

And please spare me the "my rights to free speech have been infringed" angle. These are private forums, not public property. And as such, the sites very much do have a legal right to setup their policies and to enforce them.

Anyhow, I've read enough Now if only WoW would come back up so I could complete that quest I was on before it came down for weekly maitenance.
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