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Default Re: RMT - Real Money Trading - Research help needed please...

If this is at all related to those WoW gold like sites, people selling Diablo II items on Ebay, and the copious spam that gets put in general chat, in game PSTs, and in game mail (such as from Peons4hire), these people are annoying. Annoying enough that if these spammers ever showed their faces in the game, I wouldn't mind either sicking Ikarus (my pet raptor, Takk the Leaper) onto them, else my cat (formerly Broaken Tooth, now Rak'Shiri); while shooting arrows up their back side, all whilst using the "enrage pet" talent

In the meantime, I'll just settle for refrusing to answer my mail from them, so after 29 days of sitting in the box, will return their spam to them as undelivered; and unfortunately there's no answer to the chat spam as a /ignore always turns up (character name not found) for them. If only enough people didn't answer/delete the mail so it could all be returned to sender, these people would eventually end up spamming themselves to the point their own inboxes could be effectively rendered unuseable.

Too bad our email from ISPs doesn't work that way, or getting all the spam returned to sender could become a real deterent
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