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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

It's not difficult to start now. Many of the older guildes (and I don't mean one's that got torn apart like my old one on Aman'Thul) are reforming or splintering off, focusing more on the new type of end game in Outland which doesn't call for 40 man raides.

As older realms fill up (Aman'Thul has gone much the way of older realms now, being full with character creation disabled 100% of the time, after a short time where character transfers were open and several guildes moved over), with people starting characters still...

I hadn't gotten the game before last August, and in that time I had leveled up 2 chars on Aman'Thul; and while my friend is away again, I've been sorta working on a third, and having to wait for some help with some class quests, had turned attention to a 4th on another realm that houses all my horde chars. As of last week, he found a guild, and has hit lvl 29. No, it's not too late.
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