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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
get vangaurds
Vanguard is CRAP! Don't get it.

Seriously it isn't too late to get into WoW. In fact it is a perfect time. People are leveling up the new classes so you will move right in to the upper levels easily.

If you want a MMO that treats you like a grinding pig then get Vanguard or EQ2. Their business model of keeping people hooked on the game is by making leveling so hard you kill kittens with wine bottles. Wow is much better. They allow you to level up faster and get good gear along the way. You can run raids for tier sets or grind faction for epic sets. The faction grinding time has been dramatically shortend. All in all WoW did ever thing right and EQ, EQ2 and Vanguard are teh dumb.
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