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Default X locks starting-9746+glx+FX 5500 PCI

I currently have a working Ubuntu install with my FX 5500 PCI card including Gnome working with Beryl and 3d effects. So I am quite sure that my hardware is good. Recently did a Gentoo install on a separate hard drive. For Gentoo, X won't start properly no matter what drivers I use (either those from their Portage tree) or self installed 9746 drivers. Correction, everything starts and works correctly as long as I have "glx" commented out in xorg.conf. When it is uncommented, I get a locked system in which not even ctrl+alt+backspace nor ctrl+alt+function keys work. Only option then is a hard restart.

Came here, because folks on Gentoo forums were at a loss.

I think I have a kernel problem because I never had this problem with my hardware setup before, the only thing that has changed is the distro, and subsequently the kernel build. Have built kernels before, but maybe I forgot something this time?

startx -- -logverbose 6 gives nothing other than an error about not being able to load GLX, which makes sense as it is commented out.

Bug report follows:nvidia-bug-report.log
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