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Default Big Wall display (more than 10kpixels) - Slowdown problems.

Hi you all,

I'm running a display wall. It contains 12 (4x3 - 30inches) screens (2560x1600px each), 6 hp9300 nodes (bi opterons dual cores, 16Gb RAM, with nVidia G70GL [Quadro FX4500]) to pilot the screens, one other hp9300 to control the others.

Everything with an infiniband network.

To control the wall, I'm using the last version of everything, including xorg-server 1.2 and Xdmx.

I have posted my entire configuration here :

My problems are :

- The refresh is slow. When I move a big window (something around 8000 pixel width), it's not fluid.

- When I try to zoom or move a big (more than 15000 px width) picture in gimp, the refreshment is long. It's not a bandwidth problem (the infiniband bw is quite empty), but it seems to be more a XputImage and XgetImage problem (Xorg internal functions used to send images). I've found that using Xperf and gdb but I'm not a X core hacker, so, it's dificult to detect if it is those function which cause the problem. Maybe it's a gimp way to refresh, because the display is quickest with gkview for example. Does the e17 team works on those optimisations (with imlib2, ecore, .. ) ?

- Glx doesn't works well. using glxgears, I can get 25 000fps on each node, but 500 fps using the display wall. I know that glxgears is not parallelised, but, 24000 fps it's an huge difference !! So, beryl doesn't works either (just thru the wall, it's ok on each node).

- Every 3D (as openinventor, googleearth..) crash. I cannot understand why. It seems to work with only 3 nodes, but not on 6.

So, I'm looking for advices, tips, hints, anything to get this working.

Every idea is welcome !



ps : Scuse my english, it's not my native language.
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