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FlowFX is pretty cool , really.

for example, i run my machine all day as a workstation...can someone please point me to the 'quiet-by-day-and-scream-by-night' alternative because that would be awesome.


What other cooler can run INACTIVE (no fan running) while clocking 300mhz core/600mhz ram and pretend its a mild-mannered, un-assuming, on-board workstation solution?

hey what about a decent GPU cooler that doesnt take my first useless PCI slot?

the only time you notice noise is when it first kicks in and frankly...i smile everytime it does- because i know workday is done and its TIME TO PLAY!

Whats funny is how 'happy' and 'satisfied' you guys will be when nvidia ships their next hi-end graphics card with a nice, slim, flimsy, cheap cooler like ATi seems able to do without criticism.

honestly, i might have bought FlowFX on aftermarket , if it had been for sale at a cooling shop, for the 50$ it would have costed and then i would have been stoked and so would everyone else probably...but because its free, consumers feel compelled to complain. the smarter business men among us would do wise to make note of what can be learned from this mistake by nvidia.


if you actually held a FlowFX in your hands, then looked at that ThermalTake Copper alternative on sale at the local computer would be laughing with me right now too.
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