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Default Re: Beryl black screen -7950GX2/Ubuntu/amd64 - when switching back from another X ses

I've been experiencing the same thing (which is not the more common "black windows bug"). If using NVIDIA as the rendering platform, if I take away focus from the display (either suspending to ram or switching to another VT), when I switch back the whole display is black and I can move the cursor for a few seconds. If I don't kill X within a few seconds, the machine stops responding to input and requires a hard reboot.

Using AIGLX solves this problem but is not ideal for performance and quality reasons. The framerates drop quite a bit using AIGLX, but not to the point where it hinders the beauty of Beryl; but knowing that using the NVIDIA rendering platform results in better performance, I would prefer to go that route. Also, using AIGLX introduces horrible video playback; lots of tearing occurs in videos and I can not solve that issue. I have tried changing the xine video driver between xv and opengl, but the issue stays. Using NVIDIA for the rendering platform in beryl results in perfect video playback.

One thing I did find that is a stop-gap for this problem is explicitly enabling AIGLX in my xorg.conf sped the rendering up; before doing this, many of the animations were jerky while using AIGLX as the platform. It may help someone in the meantime until a new driver is released.

My setup: openSuSE 10.2 x86_64, 7300GT, 9746 driver, beryl (latest svn build)
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