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Default Re: Unified Xen and real-time preemption patch for 1.0-9625

Originally Posted by floogy
Regarding patching, I meant the patch for the nvidia driver, to compile against the rt-patched kernel, because there appeared several times the version number 9625, and other bizarre names and pathes (but I don't know much about patching and diffs):
You mean that in the patch file the number 9625 appears multiple times? Don't worry about that, these are part of paths to files to patch. Actually the diffs contain 2 paths for each file, an "old" file and a "new" file and the diff itself holds the information of the difference between those.
So if you create a diff file you copy the source of the code you want to patch to another location, modify it there and then run a diff to compare the old and the new version.
Because the patch for 1.0-9625 worked for 1.0-9746 and just needed changes of the line numbers and one little addition I simply used the old patch and modified it, but left the filenames untouched because they don't matter in the end as you will see:

To patch your nVidia driver you have to do the following:
$ ./ -x
$ cd cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-9746-pkg2/usr/src/nv
$ patch -p1 < /path/to/patch
You probably did not change your working directory to the usr/src/nv directory of the extracted nVidia driver which will render the patch utility unable to locate the files to patch in this situation.
I could have created a completely new patch which can be run from the extracted nVidia driver directory itself, but because the patch for 1.0-9625 needed to be run from usr/src/nv I decided to only modify the existing patch and don't change the way one has to apply the patch.
Actually I haven't seen any patch for the nvidia driver which was NOT run from inside this directory lately, so I thought "why change something that is common?"...

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