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Default Re: Anyone tried FSX on Vista?

Originally Posted by Seadogs
I'm getting really blurry textures on my 8800GTX. I assumed it was driver related but I do not see anyone else mentioning it. Any thoughts?
For one thing, the max fps cap in the game determines how much CPU time it gives to preloading textures. If you have it set to the far right it spends all its time running the game, and not as much on preload. If you slide it down and cap it to 20fps or so, it will use the extra CPU cycles to preload textures.

Also open your FSX.cfg file and add the following line at the end of the [MAIN] section:


This line controls how aggressive the sim is in ensuring that scenery loads in quickly.

Also find the line that reads:


And change it to:


This will make texture load in while flying go much faster.

Since you have a good vuideo card you can add this to the end of the cfg file, which creates a buffere and can eliminate some of the stutering:

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