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Default Re: ey ?

Originally posted by tsubasa
if it is not loaded try loading it explicitly with 'insmod' or
'modprobe' (be sure to exit the X server before installing a new
kernel module).

I write insmod ? or insmod nvidia ?
i write modprobe ? or modprobe nvidia ? At Every Start ???
For the moment, yes, on every reboot, do an /sbin/modprobe nvidia when su'ed to root, then exit the root shell and startx as your user. If X works that way, then we can try to get it to load automatically, either on boot or the first time it's needed. One step at a time.

be sure to exit the X server before installing a new kernel module). <- It Say I Do Reinstall Something ???
Well, I think I'd reword it if I could. It means "don't run the modprobe when X is running", basically. However, given the problem that the modprobe is fixing, that shouldn't even be a problem -- X is failing to start.

When it says "install", it should really say "load". Linux lets you overwrite (AKA delete and recreate) any kind of file that's in use; what happens is, both copies of the file stay on disk until all processes close the file handle that they had on the old version. This is why it never takes a full reboot to upgrade anything but the kernel -- the files are just overwritten, and reloaded from disk next time they're needed. Much better.

But yeah, you have to not be running X to load the kernel module. You also should be outside of X when upgrading the driver, just so that the installer knows which module is loaded.

I dont about the kernel but i use a mandrake 9.1 u will know better me what kernel is use i think its 2.4 but i dont understand the lines :

If the kernel module fails to
load properly, modprobe/insmod may be trying to load an older kernel
module (assuming you've upgraded). cd'ing into the directory with
the new kernel module and doing 'insmod ./nvidia.o' may help.
This very likely isn't even an issue anymore. I'd just not worry about it.
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