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Question unusable refresh rate/ x-config problem?

I have a nividia-geforce 3 ti500 running on SuSE Linux 8.2, and have gone through all the steps with the new driver, and the documentation (to run SaX2). It seems too load everything normally, I'll see the NVIDIA boot screen, etc. When I go to run a full-screen 3d (openGL, etc) game (like Q3, TuxRacer) my monitor will go into (i think) an ultra high refresh-rate or invalid resolution. I came to this conclusion because the monitor will come up with a message stating: "invalid frequency." and i can't even quit the game- i have to manually flip the reset switch.
I have gone through all the procedures, and read the FAQs, but is there anyway to troubleshoot or get these programs to run in a smaller window? (Because I got an emulated Quake2 to run, and the OpenGL module in xmms)

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