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Default Re: forcedeth problems.

Originally Posted by netllama
What is the output from dmesg when the network appears dead?
Please verify whether this problem persists with forcedeth 0.59 (in 2.6.20) or forcedeth-0.60 (in the 1.21 driver package).

dmesg output too large to post or send in private. here's a link:

I'm still working on the update. The URL you posted provides for FC5 but I need FC6 x86_64. Should I install the rpm for FC5? Do you have an alternate URL?

The updates-testing repo does not yet show a kernel 2.6.20. Whle I'm awaiting your reply I'll build one from Will that provide the info you need?

note: I've tried this with vmnet unloaded (using services control)

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