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Default Re: RMT - Real Money Trading - Research help needed please...

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
It's an interesting topic regardless. I know plenty of people who've paid cash for ingame WoW gold (in some cases hundreds of dollars) and they have yet to say they regret it. Personally I'd never do it, if only because it removes the sense of satisfaction in earning your items/etc by yourself. I don't see anything morally objectionable about it, though.
I used to be big time FFXI player and once I went to college, my time was reduced for FFXI. And my friends / linkshell were advancing so quickly with all fancy items so I felt pressure to catch up because lack of time. I went ahead and brought some gil to allow me obtain certain, expensive items to keep up with them. I do regret for doing that, because a month ago I quit and focus on my real life and school. I have lost several hundred of dollars just for some stupid, priceless items.

For next time if I ever play MMO again, I vowed myself that I will never do that again. It's hard if you don't have time to actually earn rare items or whatnot. You do feel pressure and want to be part of "cool" people and hope they accept you. I hate that.
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