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Default Re: Projects you're working on (work-related or otherwise)

My main project at the moment is a prototype, for a low-budget merchant web site.

It goes like this:

Web Client -> Apache on Linux -> Web Services on Windows Server -> Oracle DB on Solaris

For the XBAP enabled clients (XP/Vista), the core part of the site is in xaml with a 3D effects when relevant.

The main benefits:
- very low maintenance costs for the customer thanks to the gazillions of companies with competencies in Apache/Linux/Php... (and soon xaml probably),
- appealing site (thanks to XBAP),
- business open to external partners without technical interface nigthmares (thanks to the WCF webservices),
- core database properly secured.

In addition, the XBAP part is funny to do...

Oh, did I mention that includes a picture database?
If the project is greenlighted, the picture codec will be ported on a processor which you might have heard of, the G80...
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