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Default Monitor switch-aroo

Got a system here that is a dual-boot between Linux (Slackware 9.x) and Win2K.

The 19 inch monitor is attached to the 15-pin VGA output This is my primary monitor for this machine.

The 21 inch monitor is attached to the DVI ouput using the
VGA -> DVI adapter. And before asking why the 21 inch isn't the primary on this machine... Its for my SUN workstation. (The monitor has a build in KVM switch)

So the scenario is like this:

Linux -> At startup, both montiors display boot sequence and display every function while in CLI mode. When I feel the need to use X, and I load it. The 19 inch monitor turns off and X defaults to the 21 inch monitor.

Windows -> At startup, both monitors display the boot sequence till Win2K kicks in. When Win2K kicks in, it defaults to the 19 inch monitor and the 21 inch montior turns off. I don't like to have both displays on all the time.

Is there a way to tell X to use the 19 inch monitor (VGA output), rather then my 21 inch monitor (DVI output)?? I find it rather strange that X or the drivers would use the DVI port first, before the VGA port. Unlike Windows which does the complete reverse.
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