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Originally Posted by Gregor976
What is your heatsink / grease etc...? Has it had a few days to properly cure "cycle from hot to room temp a few times"? Are you prime stable at your stock speed?
I'm using a CoolIT Freezone, and I've had the temps to stay around 11-25 degrees (even at load)

Originally Posted by Gregor976
If so, then I'd oc the mem 1st by lowering your cpu multi and raising frontside bus leaving mem at 1:1 until you see what it's limit at stock voltage is.
Is there a quick way of overclocking without touching the voltage?

Originally Posted by Gregor976
Notice your HT link speed and keep it under 1000. That way you can rule it out as a limiting factor. "overclocking the ht doesn't gain anything anyway".
I will keep that in mind.....

Originally Posted by Gregor976
Then I'd put the fsb and cpu multi back to stock and raise it incrementally "a few MHz higher fsb at a time". Letting it go through 1 prime test using 2 instances of prime running "in place large FFts".

Since you know the limit of your memory, you can keep going until you near it's limit. "if your cpu will let you". Then just play it by ear, monitor your temps to make sure that heat isn't a facter and good luck.

This is generally how I do it.
Thanks. I will print this out and keep this as a rule of thumb.
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