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Default Weird color quantization error - fixed by just nvidia-settings and quitting it

Setup: HP xw9300 dual opteron 2.60 with dual FX4500. Running kubuntu
edgy with 2.6.17-11-generic (with acpi=off). 3 monitor setup: 2 on one card,
one on the other. Monitors are identical LCD 1600x1200 native resolution.

The system is up for days at a time. Sometimes, one of the monitors (one of the 2-monitors connected to 1st card) will start showing some sort of color
effect -I call it quantization- looks like "mach banding". Shows both in pictures and movies (maybe a colormap error?). It looks very weird because if I drag
a movie to the middle of the two monitors, half of the movie/picture will
show fine, and the other with the "effect".

It will get fixed if I load nvidia-settings, without doing anything. Then I just
quit the app.

Any ideas ???
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