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Default Re: forcedeth problems.

Originally Posted by netllama
The source for forcedeth is included in the 1.21 package, so you should be able to recompile it for your kernel.

I don't see anything related to forcedeth problems in your dmesg. The problem was present when you ran dmesg ?

How did you determine that the network was dead?
the copying of the file timesout, any browser refresh fails, smb shares are unavailable. IIRC the services panel (system-config-services) would show only lo as active, but don't quote me on that one

Right, I found the source and modified it for kernel 2.6.19/FC6. I reloaded forcedeth and refreshed dmesg at that link so that shows, at the end, where it is working correctly. These lines occured when it failed.
/dev/vmmon[9206]: Module vmmon: unloaded
bridge-eth0: down
bridge-eth0: detached
eth0: no IPv6 routers present
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