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Angry Automatix install of FX5200 Drivers in Ubuntu

I used automatix to install my drivers for my FX5200 video card in Ubuntu Linux. It set up my board to work and it does just fine, except that the refresh rates are messed up. I tried using nvidia-setttings and there is nothing in there to setup resolution or refresh rates. My video card defaulted to 60hz refresh rate in 1280x1024 and 1280x960 resolutions. Under my old ATI All in Wonder 7200 I was able to use 65hz @1280x1024 and 70hz@1280x960 without the need for modelines.

I have tried disabling EDID and inserting modelines in my xorg.conf file and I am still stuck at 60hz.

I tried loading the newest NVIDIA drivers and I got an error about the kernel not being found for my machine. I have never compiled a kernel and have no idea even where to start so I could use the newest drivers.

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