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Default Re: graphical glitches with nvidia drivers

I'm having the same problems here on my laptop. This error shows up after some minutes (seconds sometimes), and I also have some green pixel snow on blue/black/dark areas of my desktop.
I'm running fedora core 6 64bit, card is a geforce 7900 GTX. I tried everything from Modelines (including reduced blanking) to downgrading the driver. The nv driver works ok, but as soon as I want to use the nvidia one, these problems show up.

Anyone an idea?

Many thanks in advance,



I tried the original installer from, the kmod-nvidia from livna and the nvidia-x11-drv from freshrpms, with no avail. There are no errors in my xorg.0.log, and (after studying about 30 of them) my nvidia bug report shows also no sign of any problem. Yet it persists. Green pixels all the time and after some more time the error mentioned in the post above me.
Half a year ago, I installed kubuntu on my desktop computer whis has a 6600 GT, and never had a single problem. I got no freaking idea where i can look for a solution, as I really tried everything any search engine threw up for me.

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