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Default Re: How Much Arctic Silver

Originally Posted by Baronvonimel
Hey quick question about that AS5 room temp and load setting stuff - I just put mine on today and im currently OC'ing above stock around 2% with voltage up from stock about .10v - temps all look good, sub 40 at load but I know I won't get full thermal conduction until that AS5 sets. Any recommendations? I/E should I wait until that sets before going any higher? The arctic silver instructions say the difference will only be about 1 - 5% but I am kinda worried cuz I want it to fully spread - im working with a dual core.
I am done now for the night and I will turn off the pc and let it set but I was wondering what the thoughts were on waiting until it sets to OC vs going ahead. Would it really matter if the temp readings I am getting are ok?
Well considering we have no idea what your actual temperatures are, no idea what your overclock is or any idea what your cpu is. The most I can tell you is I don't think I have ever seen a cpu rated at 40c or lower.

What do you mean you are worried about it being fully spread? It should be almost fully spread as soon as you put your heat sink on. It's thermal grease. This stuff spreads like butter. The pressure of the heat sink spreads it.

As for overclocking, if you haven't gone past the rated temperature of the cpu. Overclock away.
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