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Default forcedeth/nforce 4 ultra

Hello all,
I have a Shuttle SN25P - which is an Nvidia Nforce 4 Ultra based system. I dual boot Windows XP and SUSE 10.2 Linux. Ethernet performance under Windows XP is great. Ethernet performance under Linux is very poor. I've checked and I'm running the "forcedeth" ethernet driver.

Is there any way to improve the ethernet performance of Suse 10.2/Linux? I have looked on the nvidia website but cannot find any binary Nvidia drivers. Some posts seem to suggest that the Nvidia binary driver functionality has been rolled into the forcedeth driver that is already a part of Linux? Should SUSE 10.2 have a driver that works correctly with the Nforce 4 Ultra?

Any suggestions for how to go about trouble-shooting this?


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