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My E6600 does 3.5ghz stable.. boots into windows @3.6 but then crashes soon after.. i clocked it down to 3.4 to keep the temps reasonable (this is all on air)..

Memory is actually underclocked @~760Mhz 3,3,3,9,2t timings.. 1.45V CPU, 2.1V RAM.. temps: 36C idle, 53C full load.. CPU mostly sits in the 45C range on average..

System is an evga 680i, 2gb corsair dominator 1066-8500, evga 8800gtx, thermaltake TMG i1 cpu cooler..

3dmark06 is like 11,3xx ..

I have another 8800gtx coming and a new evga 680i board too (RMA .. this one stopped posting with two sticks of memory booo! )
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