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Default Re: HP Photo and Imaging Director Hates IE7

I registered just to respond. Thanks for the help! I used the .js fix and I only wished I had searched here earlier. I wouldn't have wasted all afternoon messing with uninstalling/reinstalling etc... Have these problems and solutions been sent to HP yet? I know I'm going to send a link and tell them to issue a patch or update or something.
Here is their response:

If you are experiencing difficulty with your HP Director after
installing Internet Explorer 7, please refer to the link below for
information. (

If your questions are not answered after reading the information
provided, please reply with your product name, number, and a short
description of the issue you are experiencing.

Brooke Hamilton
Feedback to Webmaster
E-mail Response Team
Hewlett-Packard Company
They've issued an update either for automatic updating (which I don't have) or manual download. The instructions page also mentions the "ALT-SPACE" workaround.

Product Support Division

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