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Default Re: latest sata_nv for older kernel?

Thanks for the response. I've thought about that option but I'm a little wary of messing up my system and various dependencies. I'm still fairly new at linux but I have configured and built kernels using sources obtained through automatic system updates. This might belong in another support forum but I'll mention it here first since it has to do with sata_nv: I first looked at upgrading just the kernel using yast's software manager using a source for the latest version of opensuse (which has the 2.6.20 kernel) as an installation source but it came back with lots of dependencies that had to also be upgraded (including glibc to 2.5) which amounted to upgrading the entire system. So can I just upgrade the kernel from 2.6.13 to 2.6.20 without upgrading other major components? Is it best to download the source from or get it through, in which case it might have suse-specific modifications. Although I want to use the latest sata_nv I also would like to stay as close to a specific distribution as possible.

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