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does the program happen on bootup or with any program you run. Or is it a apecific program.

Simple solution: install Winamp for MP3's, Windows Media Player or Real Player for AVI, PowerDVD for DVD

Originally posted by Vid_craze
Help me....
Well here is the issue. Whn tring to play .mpg (mpeg2) files or some .avi files am getting a message that

The test version has expired

Well I know or think this started happend after or somewhere when I installed windvd demo. Well I did not like that program so I uninstalled it and I think after the 30 days I started getting that message. Does anyone know what .dll's and .ax files that are installed with windvd. their techsupport provided not help becuase they stated to read their users guide or search their support stuff. Well .dll and .ax returns nothing. It also could have been when I tried a ati card and installed their dvd software becuase this happened around the same time due to the fact I had gotten a dvd drive and was tring the software routh and found it is better to have a hardware decoder was better but still found that the creative dvd software to be best and keep my geforce 2 card.

Well thankx for reading this even if you can't help.
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