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I have set my etc/inittab at 3.
I reboot my pc, and boot to linux in normal mode.
And I arrive at init 3 in konsole mode.
In Root I do Modprobe nividia, i have a message like that nvidia module loaded with warning.
i do Startx and 1 second after blank screen.

I try Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, nothing ...
I try Ctrl+Alt+F2, nothing. Another Ctrl+alt+F3 , nothing too. And I finally try ctrl+alt+suppr, nothing too.
My pc is totally blocked at blank screen.
I am oblige to reboot, and I do.
My computer boot at init 3 and I copy the /var/log/XFree86.0.log to my home partition.

This is the files but... it is blank ...

:'( i don't understand
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