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Default Getting drivers for Debian 64

I have an Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard with Athlon64 3500+. It comes with NVIDIA GeForce 6150 + nForce 430.

I've installed XP 64 Pro without problems (er... i mean the 3rd time i tried it didn't crash and i had issues while isntaling the drives on the asus cd). Works fine, the sound driver even freed my microphone - it was always muted under XP. So explorer freezes every now and then...

I've run Knoppix several times and it works fine - detects everything but the sound, but it's not the latest version. By "fine" i mean i can work with it, i'm not sure if it's using all the bells 'n' whistles it's supposed to.

Now i'm trying to install the latest Debian 64 port but i have problems with the installer: it won't see the ethernet card or the SATA disc. The Linux nForce Drivers page recomends quite a few drivers there, but somehow for some reason only particular distros are supported. Shouldn't it be generic? Anyway Debian's not on the list and the zip contains many source versions of drivers there, the only one i couldn't find is hda_intel.c for the sound. It seems all the others are rpm-based. I'd still have to manage a way of using them since i have no floppy drive (sure i could plug one in). I'm not really in the mood for trying drives from multiple distros on another distro.

It's a minimal installer, it's supposed to download everything - if i manage to get the networking going will it fetch all the required drivers? Granted this particular question is probably best suited for a Debian forum.

If i use the Unix Drivers page all of the AMD64 links i've tried link to misformed html pages that won't fully load. And FTP's always full.

Searching this forum wasn't of much help as most questions are post-install.
Thanks in advance.
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