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Default Re: Official - Post Your AMD Opteron Overclocks

Yup, the 185's have a 13x multiplier.

I'm having trouble getting mine prime stable at higher than 2750. My temps at 2800 seem to max at 55 "xp-90" and I haven't seen any instability except in prime. I played Oblivion for a few hours at 2800 without a hitch, but prime would only run for an hour or so without one of the cores crapping out.

I am using a crappy thermal grease though. I'll replace it with as5 in a few days I guess. I'd get the ceramique <sp> but I'm afraid it would be to hard to remove/clean off.

The Freezone is also looking good.. Quite a big investment in cooling, though I suppose it would work just as well on the system I'm planning for next winter "c2d or quad".

DD, what score do you get in cpumark99 at 3+GHz? "It's a single threaded bench". I've noticed a huge difference going from a 2.5GHz venice "3000+" to 2.7GHz dual core, "even in single threaded games oddly". No system overhead on the core running the game maybe?
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