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Default Overclocking issues ASUS P5N32-E SLI

I having no luck overclocking with this board.i have read through the guides,disabled spread spectrums,linkboost,gpu ex and i run my ram in unlinked mode. Whatever i do 300fsb plus ends in a BSOD and a reboot when running a game or 3dmark.As i understand no vcore voltage adjustments should be needed until you pass 3ghz but i cannot pass 2.7 without problems.

@1192 fsb ive run orthos and super pi 10 hours plus with acceptable temps(idle cpu 35 c system 28 with the aid of a 3200rpm chipset fan on the nb heatsink,load 47c and 34c) ,my ram passes memt32 allthough i havent run that for more than one hour .Im stuck atm and have no clue what to do or try next,i know my ram isnt highend ,could that be holding me back ? Or perhaps the psu ?

Just guessing here and ive tried raising the vcore voltage slightly with the same results,also 4 different bios-updates.Dont know what to look for,wich part i need to change for upping my chances to reach 3ghz.Hope some of you can assist somewhat,thanks in advance.
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