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Default Re: Vanguard... Whats up?

Welcome to Vanguard. You will never get anything in your life done again.

My name is Xionn. You can buddy me if I'm ever in the area. I'm up to Lvl 11 now and I'm a dark elf sorcerer. I'm in Western Qalia right now, though.. not close to where you start out.

Do you mean how do you increase your skills/attributes? Like strength, constitution, vitality, etc? If that's what you mean, you can start doing that at level 10, I think. I was able to after I completed a quest after reaching level 10.

Glad you're able to get it running decent. No doubt it's far from optimized. I found the things that help most are adjusting the rendering quality, environmental shaders, and shadow detail. Those seem to have the biggest impact on performance.

Welp, back to Vanguard...

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