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Default New Driver hard-locks laptop

I am using RH 9.0, and the new driver with installer worked
fine, but when I try to start X with the built-in LCD it
locks up. If I connect an external monitor, it will work
as long as I don't try to TwinView with the LCD, or
it just locks the same way. Also, the backlight on the LCD
goes out when it does this.
I used the installer and compiled it manually; both produced
the same results. Any old drivers won't compile or install;
they complain about the kernel source (which is installed,
and freshly compiled). The Log file doesn't say much, it seems
to stop at an arbitrary point, and will stop at different
points each time I try to start.

Here it is anyway.
(note: I had RH 8.0, with the same kernel I have now supplied
in RH 9, and all of the old drivers worked, although I hadn't
tried this newest one)
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