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Default Stress testing 43xx drivers


I've been stress testing 3123, 4349 and 4363, for the test I setup two mprime in torture test (I'm running SMP dual Athlon 2400+) and ut2003 benchmark in loop mode (at max res and max quality). I left the test running until ut2003 crashes, X crashes, or machine gets hanged. The results were the following:

3123: Rock Solid (at least for 24 hours stress testing)

4349 & 4363: Ut2003 crashed after about three hours, I can login through the net and kill it and X, everything got corrupted but when I start X again it seems to recover quite well. Anyway sometimes the crash is replaced by a hard lock and I need to reset.

If I enable TV Twinview output (in clone mode) and repeat the same tests even 3123 crashes after some hours of stress.


- german
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