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Default [PATCH] Mutexes instead of semaphores

Since 2.6.18, most semaphores in the Linux kernel have been changed to
mutexes. The kernel module of the nvidia linux graphics driver still uses
semaphores. There is bascially nothing wrong about that since mutexes
and semaphores can be mixed (AFAIK), but i have experienced a very
strange problem with 2.6.18, 2.6.19 and 2.6.20-rt5 with UT2004:

While doing network matches, it apears as if the connection to the server
gets lost - means, you can still move around or perform menu operations,
but you can't hit enemies, etc. With tcpdump, you can still see network
traffic to/from the server - i guess this is the reason why you don't get a
"connection lost" message. The problem tyically showed up within
20 minutes of playing.

I tried a whole lot of things that didn't helped, but after replacing the
semaphores in the nvidia graphics driver with mutexes, the problem
seems to have disapeared.

So if you are experiencing similar issues with newer kernels, then you may
like to try out the attached patch.


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