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Default Re: Overclocking issues ASUS P5N32-E SLI

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Yeah, that's what confused me, that "PLUS" on the name, because I always thought it was a 680i. I scrambled over to newegg real quick when Hex posted after me and saw the P5N32-E SLI, didn't see the "plus" after it and it said 650i so I thought "okay, guess I was wrong."

Should've stuck by my original statement. And what the heck? "Plus" usually means better, doesn't it? But in this case it means an inferior chipset? Yah, that makes sense.

So I think a 1/1 ratio would do you good after all. I'd try it if you're having problems out of your OC.
Yea ASUS apparently used the 2 x 8 lanes in both chips and combined them into 2x16 or something.Theyre blowing smoke in people eyes a bit with calling it a 680i mobo,on their own forum owners of that board didnt even know what exactly they bought.A majority thought it was a 680i board and som got quite pissed about it eventhough tests show very few differencies in performance.

Heres a link if you wanna know more ,one statement from it though:

We've found a problem with SLI scaling in Half Life 2: Episode One before on other motherboards, but most of the time reinstalling the drivers or fiddling with some SLI specific BIOS settings fixed this. However, despite numerous efforts to rectify the problem we still could not enable SLI scaling.

Not so good since the striker board they compaired it to scaled sli performance in the same game just great.Might be a fluke but im glad my mobo is th non plus model even if it has a mix of tantalum and electrolytic capacitors.

Thanks again Xion,will be getting the kingston ram asap and give it a try
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