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Default Re: Overclocking issues ASUS P5N32-E SLI

I have a ASUS P5N32-E and it was a horrible board looked night crap overclocking and could get stable even at defualt clocks. It hated my Corsair PC6400 Dominator memory had to undergrade my BIOS to 0302 to me able to use the PC. Got a ABIT IN9 MAX WiFi last week and it has worked perfectly i can even run my memory @ 2.1v /4/4/4/12/T1 with no problems while on the P5N32-E i system would crash all to hell with more then 1.9v for the memory. I have still yet to send it back.

In ASUS's defence for the P5N32-E PLUS they NEVER said it was a 680i not once they classed it a 16x PCI SLI board and every thought it was the 680i.
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