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Default Getting a black screen with a kt400 chipset? Read this

I've got a GeForce3 sitting in VIA KT400 chipset.
First I've tried the 2.4.21-rc1-ac4 kernel which supposedly has good kt400-agpgart (only 2x) support. Didn't work.
Then I've set all necessary options in the XF86Config to use NvAgp, set AGP to 4x (hey, if agp then let's do it right), installed the latest driver 43.63 (without the installer) - all options were right...but all I got was a lousy black screen with nothing else to do then reboot.
I've fought with this error for find a solution in a completely different corner. It has turned out that IRQ handling must be managed by the BIOS and not ACPI (now go figure why).
All you need to do is insert an append string like that into your lilo.conf:

append = " pci=noacpi pci=biosirq"

Hope this helps some users.

On another note: the nv driver seems to give better 2D image quality than the nvidia driver. Any idea why this is so?
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