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Default Re: Can't run the .run file

pe1chl Try to run it from a command window instead of clicking on it.
That was the first thing I tried. Did it both as user and as root, no luck.

Schugy Switch to a console with alt+ctrl+F1 (until F6)
F7 is the X-Server on most systems.

1. login as root
2. switch to a non-graphical runlevel with init 2 (until init 5, init 0 is halt, init 6 is reboot)
3. rmmod nvidia (if old driver module was loaded)
4. sh (type sh NV and use autocompletion with TAB)
5. you will be guided through the installation process
zbiggy You can add executable permission to file using:
chmod 755
then you can run it from console (remember to close graphical desktop first).
Neither of these worked, it says there's no such file or directory. I have both the 32bit and 64bit drivers downloaded, but can't access either of them. As for getting out of the graphical interface, that's no problem. Since I deleted all the packages listed in the link in my first post I have no drivers at all, need to reconfigure the X-server before I can do anything.

I've also tried re-installing from the live CD, but it's not working either. I get a pile of error messages, "expected null handler on exit", and it runs for hours without starting Ubuntu. This is odd because it's the exact same live CD I used for the initial install and the system ran fine for weeks before I started messing with this driver.
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