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Default Re: X Freeze with mplayer -vo xv

I have the same problem. When playing an HD video stream with mplayer and -vo xv on an HDTV connected via DVI at 1080i resolution, the X server freezes. The problem did not happen when running at a lower resolution on a vga monitor (I don't know the resolution and the monitor is not available at this time).

The problem does not happen when running with -vo x11.

I can't get any insight from any of the traces. I have tried with Mythtv and I have the same behavior.

I am running on an AMD64 system with a GForce 6800 card. The driver is version 1.0.8776.

If this is specific to our environement, could someone help pinpointing what is causing the problem?

Thank you

Ianic Brisson
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